Thursday Challenge for this week of 2014 is “IMPORTANT” (Something important to you…).  The first thing that popped into my mind was my Mom.  She is 95 years young.  Her influence on her prodigy is unquestionable.  Mom is beginning to lose ground somewhat with her memory but still stays as up to date as possible politically.  Her hearing is almost gone even with high quality hearing aids.  Mom is the last living parent of my husband and me.   Without my  Mom none of the other parts of my family would exist.  That makes her very important.

To see what is important to others around the world click on over to Thursday Challenge hosted by Dale at spunwithtears.




 Mom enjoying gifts on Valentine Day, 2014.


14 thoughts on “Important

    • Yes, my hubby and I both have longevity genes. Our fathers were each 89 years when they passed. His Mom passed at 99 years. Looks like I may have a few years left in the old body!


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