Abandoned, Thursday’s Challenge

Our hopes, our schemes,
Our loves, our dreams.
Our lives once lived
Mear dust it seems.


Farmhouse in Canada


Service station in Pennsylvania


Fireplace is all that remains in this Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park location.


This is my Mother’s childhood home shortly before it was torn down in the mid 1990’s.

For more Abandoned homes, building, businesses visit Thursday Challenge.  Thanks, Dale, for your continued work on this meme.


19 thoughts on “Abandoned, Thursday’s Challenge

  1. These are wonderful. It’s a little sad that the hopes and dreams have long been forgotten but there is still beauty in these structures leaving people to create their own stories about them.


  2. ladyambrosiaj says:

    Fantastic photos truly. I love abandoned buildings something about them really makes me think. Thank you for stopping by Birth of a Notion too 🙂


    • With the last photo being my mom’s childhood home, she has told stories. The home was sold when the 1929 market crashed taking Grandaddy’s funds he was planning to use to pay off the remaining mortgage. have a door know from the house. Mom was eleven when they moved out of the house to another farm that was owned by Grandaddy.


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