Wild Bird Wednesday

Last week during a walk around a nearby park, I accidentally intruded into the territory of a pair of nesting mockingbirds.  For about 90 ft (28 meters) I was under attack by a dive bombing and swooping mockingbird.  While I never received a ‘bomb’ there were lots of feathers against my legs and arms.  I was giggling and snapping pictures while the bird was swooping and landing in nearby trees.  Then loud chirping would announce the next fly by warning for the human intruder to “get away from my territory!”


  ImageWatching the intruder (me)

ImagePreparing for another strafing run


Again, King or Queen of the Realm


Looking back toward the ‘forbidden zone’.

For more birding join the fun at  Stewart’s Wild Bird Wednesday!

22 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday

  1. oh, just be careful where you tread when the mockingbird is about….ok then, something new I’ve learnt about them, though they’re not anywhere near where I live on the other side of the world to you….I just remember a song about the mockingbird…


  2. Nice pictures – we have a few birds here that can get a bit territorial at breeding time.

    The plovers had long since ceased in the “making more plovers” activity – I think they just did not know which way to go!

    Cheers – Stewart M – Melbourne


  3. I feel your “pain!” We had a mockingbird all winter in our gardens. He chased anything that came near our bird feeders…even though he didn’t eat the seed. I would get within a foot of him and give him a stern talking to. Didn’t work…
    Eventually he moved on to parts unknown…now I miss him.


  4. He does look rather grumpy in your 3rd photo. We don’t have mockingbirds here but the Magpies will have a go at you when they are nesting. Hard hat time!


  5. Hi Janice, thanks for your visit. Just reading your reply to Jocee – yes, when our fiercely territorial Magpies decide to nest close to our home they do allow us free access (!!) – so that’d be like your mockingbirds in your vine. Thank goodness for that eh… they’d make life pretty hard otherwise :D) Enjoyed seeing your photos of them too. That’s a nice spot for a walk as well. Cheerio now.


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