Wild Bird Wednesday, Round Rock, TX

No unusual birds outside my door today.  I’ll depend on the devout birders on Wild Bird Wednesday to bring the beautiful, exotic and unusual birds to our lives.  Mourning doves, sparrows, house finches, and a bully of a Blue Jay doing battle with another bully Mockingbird have been delighting us as we sipped our tea today.







21 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday, Round Rock, TX

  1. itsallaboutpurple says:

    oohhhh I just love those beautiful doves, I can almost hear their sweet coooing!! Birds don’t have to be exotic to be beautiful!!


  2. Only a few years ago the White-winged Dove was an “exotic and unusual” species at our home in the mountains of New Mexico. By 2004 they had spread widely into the area. We have lots of them here in south Florida, calling “Who cooks for you>”


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