Thursday’s Photo Challenge … TRAVEL

This Thursday’s Photo Challenge from Dale of spunwithtears is “TRAVEL” (Photographs taken away from home,…).  My husband and I like to find buildings that were somebody’s dreams and photograph them.  We think in retrospect of our dreams as young marrieds in 1967.  These scenes make us realize our dreams may be like these places in time.  Here is some long ago Iowa farmer’s dream we photographed during two different seasons.  The winter scene was from March 2007 after a late winter blizzard on the Midwestern plains of the USA.  We had made a trip to North Dakota to celebrate a 50th Wedding Anniversary of an uncle and aunt.  The second was on a return trip in August 2009 for the same uncle’s funeral.  The grey skies reflecting our mood at the loss of the last of my husband’s father’s brothers.

I present Somebody’s Dream.



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6 thoughts on “Thursday’s Photo Challenge … TRAVEL

  1. From the condition, the dream was abandoned several decades ago. Possibly during the 1950’s or 60′ when many farming families had to give up farming. Or maybe the kids all left and there was no one to take up the mantel as the parents aged. I saw a lot of farms go that way over the years.


  2. Yes, it can be frightening. Or we can strive to do our best and leave the rest to history. Think of folks that have had such an influence, the dreamers in your life.


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