Theme for Thursday Challenge is “Landscape” (Mountains, Flat Lands, Coastal,…).



Located in Southeaster Wyoming, USA, this overlook is in the area known as Split Rock.  The Oregon Trail is just to the left of this view.  The Oregon Trail was a major passage used by thousands of United States pioneers in the movement to the western edge of the continent of North America.  The beauty of this area in June of 2008 was breathtaking.  To stand on this historic land and imagine the Native Americans, buffalo, wagon trains, weigh stations and the Pony Express riders was humbling.

For more beautiful landscapes across the world visit Thursday Challenge.  Thanks, Dale, for hosting.



7 thoughts on “Landscapes

  1. Hari OM
    I adore places where you can actually feel the history. It is magnificent and the variety of clouds makes this even more interesting…almost echoing the features of the rocks over which they sit. Lovely. YAM xx


    • Places along the trail route there are still ruts in rocks from all the wagons that moved down this trail. Once while in Virginia I stood crying as I look at a tent that was used by George Washington during the Revolutionary War. So moving to be near history and hear the echoes of the people.


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